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26th moon [action/voice]


Should anyone be visiting the item shop in the morning or early afternoon, they'll be graced with the presence of a paladin! ...Which would normally be an extremely banal and commonplace event, but today said paladin happens to be a) turning the whole place upside down while looking for something, b) muttering some nasty curses that are directed at the items available in the shop, not at its patrons, promise, and c) wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt over his mouth that happens to muffle most of point b). In the middle of July, if one must be reminded.

Some weeks, waking up is just not worth it.]


The journal message comes later during the day, weary-sounding and still slightly muffled by that turtleneck.]

Would anyone be kind enough to help me find a razor? My visit to the item shop was... very fruitless. I'd owe you a favor in return, of course.
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They didn't have a razor? Weird.

A kunai knife might work if you're really desperate and I've got some of those.
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Not today, at least. You'd think they'd keep a few... Are your kunai enchanted in any way?
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They're just normal kunai... [staring at her little stash and almost waiting for them to do something special

nope, just sitting there]
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That's good to hear. My attempt to shave with my own dagger was... interrupted by a tidal wave, you could say. I'd rather not risk that again.
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[That's...ONE WAY TO RINSE.]

You weren't shaving by the ocean, were you?
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I wish; it'd have caused less damage to the bathroom. No, my dagger has a water-elemental affinity, and I greatly overestimated my ability to not activate its power while distracted.
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You should have been paying attention when you're shaving.

[It's kind of COOL, but also obviously causes trouble when you forget and start shaving with magical daggers.

She could probably do that with a kunai if she wanted. Seal a wind jutsu in it and release it... as a prank. Someone would get a whirlwind in the bathroom.

She doesn't know this person well enough though and she'd rather TRY (keyword) and make better impressions than she did when she was younger. The temptation is there though, if he was going to take her offer.]

You're pretty safe with my kunai then. No tidal waves waiting in these. Only problem you'll have is cutting yourself when you get distracted.
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It was the dagger or the kitchen knives. I was slightly desperate.

[Slightly. Definitely not panicking because his uncle's beard almost reaches the floor and for all he knows that might have taken just one month.]

That's not a problem at all. I've not cut myself with a blade since the last time Edge tried to remove a Coeurl's whiskers with a shuriken.

[And that wasn't his fault, really.]
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[Yeah, nobody is using HER kitchen knives to do any shaving. Good thing Minato has about zero facial hair and Naruto is still too young, she thinks.]

...That's good, right?
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That was almost twenty years ago. I find that to be an acceptable time without accidents.

[Or at least without accidents involving bladed weapons.]
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Twenty years? How old are you?
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I turned forty last March. That was my third birthday here.

[Thanks you, Lunarian genes, for making him look at least ten years younger.]
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[That white hair probably helps but he doesn't look forty at all in the face. Maybe it's different when talking face-to-face.]

You, um-- age well.

Is a kunai a good enough present? It's late but there's been a lot of birthdays.
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Why, thank you. I've always found that good weapons make the best presents. ...But I could hardly keep it. We never know when our supplies will be cut off, and I'd not have the ability to make good use of it in a battle.
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I don't know if I want it back.

[If he's shaving with it lol...]

I've got other kunai. Can't you enchant it with another tidal wave?
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[...He'd only be shaving his face, not his legs.]

Sadly, no. It takes a certain talent in smithing and magic to do that, and I have neither. We found that particular dagger in a cave.
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[Still shaving hairs from body and das gross]

Magic. Magic like whatever makes these journals work?

[Is it going to create a tidal wave too...]
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No spell from my world could create the journals, though we have plants with similar properties. But they must certainly be magical, rather than technological.
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I'm pretty sure plants can't be technological.

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I certainly hope not. Though I imagine people could create machines that resemble them.
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Why would you do that?
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...I cannot think of any reason beyond voredom or proving that it's possible.